All in one! Centerpieces and Favors.


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Pricing Options For Your Design

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How many favors are in each arrangement?

That depends on what you order. We make arrangements which have 6, 8, 9, or 10 favors. Each favor is 8 inches tall from the bottom of the tube to the top of the tassel. Here are some examples (click on images several times):

6 favors

5 favors on the bottom
1 favor on top

10" tall x 11" wide

8 favors

6 favors on the bottom
2 favors on top

12" tall x 12" wide

9 favors

6 favors on the bottom
3 favors on top

12" tall x 12 wide

10 favors

6 favors on the bottom
4 favors on top

12" tall x 12" wide

Filled vs Empty (You choose)

You can get your Wanderfuls Centerpieces and favors PRE-FILLED as pictured with the candy shown in the image above, except for Hershey Kisses®, which must be ordered empty. We show the Kisses® just so you can see what they look like.

Why do we offer an empty option? Because many of our customers love the way their Wanderfuls look with Hershey Kisses® or M&Ms® inside. But Since we don't ship chocolate, just buy your own favorite candy and fill on your own. It's simple and takes just seconds per favor. The favors fill easily from the bottom. There's a removable cap there that you can pop off and on. Allow for approximately 1lb of candy for every 10 favors.

For extra personalization, we offer imprinting on the ribbon that wraps around the plastic tube. We have 32 characters and spaces available for you to use on your imprint. We can imprint in silver or gold to match the color of your base. Commas, semicolons, apostrophies, and dashes are fine but no special characters please.

Assembly in a Snap (click to see the step by step)

Just snap the holder and base together and slide the favors into position, it's easy!

Wanderfuls centerpieces are shipping in parts to save on shipping costs and to keep the pompoms from being crushed. When they get to you, just snap them together and you're done! Need help? Watch the video to the left to see how it all comes together!